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Getting customers isn't about luck.

It's about strategy.

Can you really have enough consistent customers to make an income as a home baker?

If you learn how to harness the power of marketing, then absolutely YES!


It doesn’t matter if you live in a small town, big town, if you never went to pastry school, or if the market already feels saturated with other bakers.


Keep The Orders Coming will be your personal guide to help your baking business stand out and bring in ideal clients. There are customers waiting for YOU!


Getting orders is too important for your business to leave it up to chance.

It’s time to take control.


Read the book.

Apply each principle to your own business.

Watch as the customers line up!


Looking for more than marketing help?

Get access to the Keep The Orders Coming + an entire library of business building resources for home bakers!

A top-notch mentor & guide for bakers

As a home-based bakery business owner herself, Brette Hawks understands perfectly well the hustle, trial and error, and endless piles of dishes that go into growing your own baking business. 


In 2019, she began grew her own  venture, named Hobble Creek Cake Co. for the local beloved canyon area.


into a thriving, reputable designer wedding cake business that has been featured by brands such as Wilton, Cake Masters, and American Cake Decorating Magazine.

Brette understands that you go into business as a baker because you love creating in the kitchen, but then hit the reality of all the technical hats you're required to wear 

Brette watched other bakers struggling to reach success and wanted to become the resource she wish she'd had when she started out. When she's not baking, she's playing with her two little rascally boys, out for a run, or enjoying a late night movie with her husband Nate.

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