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Hi! I'm Brette!
Your Guide to Baking Business Success


Business Coach for Home Bakers

I live in Utah with my husband and two little boys. I love baking, writing, teaching, running, singing Taylor Swift songs at the top of my lungs, and I make a full-time income running two successful home-based cake businesses, Hobble Creek Cake Co. and Salt Creek Cake.

Why two? My first business became incredibly successful. I wanted other stay-at-home mom bakers to have too, so I began coaching other bakers. To prove that it wasn't just a lucky strike that had brought me success, I started a second baking business from scratch as a teaching tool. Within just two months of starting that second one, I'd generated over $1000 of revenue.


As a home baker trying to make a living, the key to make a sustainable profit goes beyond your top-secret chocolate cake recipe or your good eye for decorating.


In order to make this business thing work, you need a guide to the business side in order to be successful.



Five years ago, I was looking for that guide. With a pocketful of recipes, I had the strongest desire to get customers and turn my passion into a business. I emailed several bakers near me looking for advice, answers, guidance....but to no response. So I set out on my own to figure out how to build a baking business from scratch! 





Three years, and much trial and error later, I officially licensed and launched my home baking business, Hobble Creek Cake Co.! Two years after being in business, I started making a sustainable full-time monthly income as a home baker. I've delivered hundreds of orders. I've been featured by brands like Wilton, Cake Masters, and American Cake Decorating Magazine. I've taught at international baking events such as The Bake Fest. and I haven't had to sacrifice the home and family centered lifestyle that I love in order to do it.






Now I'm determined to be the resource that I didn't have when I started five years ago.

This is my community for home bakers looking for more than just a cheerleader. I'm here to be your coach and guide as someone who's been in your shoes and seen the season you're in as you launch & grow your baking business.

You CAN do what you love in your own kitchen and make more than you did at a 9 to 5 job.


And I'm here to show you how!

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Making Your First Wedding Cake
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Rainbow Sprinkles

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