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People see you as a professional designer.

Customers don't squabble over your prices.

You have a polished brand & style. 

Booking out is almost effortless.

This is your future.

This is the part of your journey that you reach next.

And this is your bridge to get there.

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This is a live-virtual 2 hour workshop for cake makers of power coaching and implementation to take you to the next level in your business.


Join master decorators and business owners

Kala Boulard of



Both moms, both home-based, both self-grown bakers who've been featured by, partnered with, and taught for prestigious brands, including:

Brette Hawks of


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We've been able to make a living all from home while raising kids, thanks to the power that our businesses have given us.


Now we want that same power for you.

See you at the workshop!


Brette & Kala

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